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Rain Sounds
The best collection of different types of rain.
Nature Sounds
Enjoy relaxing touch of the nature.
Sleep Sounds
Peacful sounds for meditation and stress relief.
Meditation Music
Peacful sounds for meditation and stress relief.
Mix and match sounds and create your favorite mixes.
Baby Sleep
#1 Sleeping AID for babies and their parents.
Gentle Lullabies for little ones.
White Noise Generator
Mix the sounds for perfect relaxation or concentration.

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This app is amazing I love It! The fact that we can add together a bunch of relaxing sounds and there is a variety of noise types makes me so happy. I like how we can mix noises from all the categories and the music is also relaxing. Timer is a good feature as well...

A happy user of Sleepo

Saved us many tears with our first born. When he had too much of the day and wouldn't stop crying...this app saved the day. Calms him almost instantly and puts him to sleep.

A happy user of Baby Sleep