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If you are interested in selling your mobile app(s)

If you are interested in selling your mobile app(s) to Maple Media or would like a quote please email jt@maplemedia.io.  We are interested in buying individual apps or portfolios of apps that have been in the app store for more than six months and show a steady track record. In most cases we acquire the app assets and do not need to hire the team or founders in the transaction.

We are interested in apps that meet the following criteria:

      • 50,000 DAU (daily active users) or more
      • Generate a minimum of $20,000 a month in net revenue
      • Prefer to make acquisition in the $1m-$15m purchase price range
      • 2,000 average daily installs
      • Retention day 1: 45%+,  D7: 25%+,  D30: 12%+
      • Geography breakdown of 40% or greater from English speaking countries

While disciplined in our approach, we are able to be more aggressive than most buyers because of our ability to increase monetization and eagerness in the space. How we value purchases is based on a revenue multiple per DAU and/or multiple on Monthly Net Revenue (based on industry standards).

In most cases, we are aiming to acquire apps/games in a cash-only transaction. However, we are also open to strategic partnerships and/or creative deal structures, depending on the terms and opportunity. If you are interested in exploring an acquisition opportunity with Maple Media, please supply KPI data listed above (reported daily over the last year) as well as revenue and advertising reports. This will allow us to make a full evaluation and return a fair and equitable offer.

Our transaction process is as follows:

Step 1 – Developer sends over initial high level analytics and revenue data for Maple Media to review

Step 2 – If interested, Maple Media will make an offer to purchase the app(s) as well as send a Term Sheet with the conditions of the deal.

Step 3 – Maple Media will conduct further due diligence, which will include verifying financial data as well as reviewing the app code.

Step 4 – Both parties will review and sign the asset purchase agreement

Step 5 – App transfer and payment

email: contact@maplemedia.io
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