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If you are interested in a Publishing Partnership

Maple Media specializes in growing and monetizing mobile apps with a particular focus on live operations and user management.  We have experience in all corners of the app store and execute at scale with thoughtful, meticulous and industry leading best practices. Maple Media’s in-house team of industry experts, which include UI/UX designers, user acquisition experts, product managers and data scientistsbrings big publisher experience to the mid- to long- tail mobile app eco-system and indie developer.

If your mobile app is already live in the Google Play and/or Apple AppStore and has greater than 10,000 daily active users, we would consider limited partnership opportunities. Some of our standard activities and app management best practices include:

    • Improving UI/UX around payments, the store page as well as the type of offers and pricing of the offers (including pricing per country/currency)
    • Improving ad serving whether it’s implementing the right ad mediation partner, the right networks per GEOs, ad unit mix and locations of those ads or settings
    • Improving the app’s performance, especially targeting the specific types of devices of the user base, number of reviews, ASO rank and app store placement (including customer service which is a lot more important than most developers realize or have the bandwidth to manage).
    • Working with the app stores to generate editorial coverage and to generate extended distribution opportunities
    • A/B test and improve all aspects of an app from its icon, promotional screens, store page and description text to the loading of the app and FTUE (first time user experience)
    • Leverage Maple Media’s extensive mobile app install base for cross-promotion
  • App analytics, monthly reports and analysis     

To inquire about a publishing partnership email: publishing@maplemedia.io

email: contact@maplemedia.io
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